2010 - Year of ?

2010 feels like it's going to be a good year. I usually start a new year off with a list of unrealistic resolutions that I never accomplish. Well, I shouldn't say never---after all, not only did I buy one purse last year, but I bought two! Be that as it may, I didn't even come close to achieving world peace. So this year I've decided to set just one realistic goal. That goal will serve as the underlying theme for the entire 2010 year of my life.

I've come up with the following three potential 2010 themes:

1. "2010 - Let my money do the work"
2. "2010 - Stop doing things I hate"
3. "2010 - Never lose my car in the parking lot"

I'm really leaning towards the first one. I'm sick of doing all the work. I think it's high time my money does its share.

I'm equally sick of doing things I hate. My one concern is that if I make #2 my 2010 theme then all that will be left for me to do is to sit on the couch in my jammies watching sitcoms and drinking Diet Pepsi. My family may not approve.

Back in 2009, I was all over the 3rd theme. I even had a plan I thought would make it work. But yesterday I went to two different Super Target stores (in a failed attempt to work on theme #1) and lost my car both times. So I'm thinking that #3 isn't all that realistic. It would probably be best if I put a pin in that one and saved it for when Google finally creates a grocery store parking lot car tracking GPS app for my phone.

I've convinced myself. My 2010 theme will officially be: (drum roll)

"2010 - Let my money do the work."

I love it. Now I need some kind of logo. That will be the next step, to come up with a simple, yet elegant logo that encapsulates all that is my 2010 motto.


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