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Showing posts from November 29, 2009

St. Lucia Day is Coming!

Last year we celebrated St. Lucia Day for the first time. We celebrated by buying a jar of cardamon for $13.00 at Albertson's and adding a teaspoon of that cardamon to some homemade St. Lucia buns and tasting them and realizing that they weren't very good (because cardamom is nasty) and then throwing the rest away. I think this year's celebration is going to be even better!

I figure all the other holidays we celebrate have morphed into something quite different than the original event the holiday was based on, so why not morph St. Lucia Day into something great. Mayhaps even the best holiday ever!

To make it a great holiday for me, the following will be required :
1. Good Food.
2. Friends and/or Family (but not too many).
3. Not having to buy anyone presents or do too much prep or post work.
4. Participation in some sort of unique activity.

Okay, so the food I have covered. We'll be eating dinner with St. Lucia bread, which will not contain any cardamom or cardamom-l…

Chocolate Babka May Be the End of the Baking Marathon

Martha Stewart's Babka.
This is what it was suppose to look like. I even used the same recipe.
My Killer Babka.
The difference in the photos makes me chuckle.
Mine kind of looks like a chimpanzee made it.

I've always taken pride in my ability to stomach any dessert, no matter how decadent or rich. Actually, it's one of my few talents. Well, today I met my match. Today I made Chocolate Babka, and can I just say, I think it's done me in. After three bites I literally had to lay down on the couch. It is one of, if not the, richest desserts I've ever eaten. Seriously. I'm not kidding. I want to throw up. Chocolate Babka is a Jewish dessert that consists of sweet bread swirled all over in the middle with cinnamon and chocolate. Supposedly it's real big in New York. I've always wanted to try one ever since that one episode of Seinfeld. I have yet to see one in a bakery in Utah, so I've never tried one, and thus have nothing to compare to the loaf of deat…

Pound Cake

I decided to move forward with the baking marathon. I had to take a brief hiatus last week to make a few Thanksgiving desserts (see picture below), which consisted of a white chocolate cheesecake, two pumpkin pies and some buckeye balls. What's up with the holes and circles in the pies?
Anyway, I started with the easiest things first, because that's my way. If I start with all the hard things first then I might get discouraged too soon and give up. Plus, if I did all the hard things and then something happened like I died or lost my memory and didn't have a chance to enjoy the easy things then I would be mad.

So far I've made the following:

The apple pandowdy. --Apple pie-type filling on the bottom, topped with what was essentially a pie crust. Yes, it was very dowdy looking.
The crumb cake.--Dense yellow cake topped with cinnamon, sugar, and pecan streusal. Makes a delicious breakfast! (Unless you happen to be a 4 or 6 year old boy.)

The pound cake. --Lovely crumb, f…