Turns out I'm Kind of a Holiday Shopping Jerk

All this time I thought it was only other people. Turns out I am one of those customers retailers loathe. I was at Walmart the other day picking up my site-to-store order. When the clerk brought out only half my order I was a alarmed. I showed her my entire order list and insisted that the main three items were missing. She was completely calm (too calm for my taste) when after about 10 minutes of looking around she just shrugged her shoulders and said that was all there was. (This is where I start turning into a jerk) "I know I had three more items, I'm not leaving without them!" I insisted. She left for about 10 more minutes apparently to track down someone who could help. During this wait I was grumbling under my breath, complaining to all the other customers who were waiting because of me, making faces and thinking many unkind thoughts.

So after at least thirty minutes, my eyes sore from all my eye-rolling, my disturbingly calm clerk pulled several other clerks off of their lunch breaks to help. Eventually, one of those lunch-deprived clerks called customer service and then handed me the phone. (This is where I get my comeuppance.) The woman on the phone assured me that the other three items were shipped to my home in November. Then, like a bad dream, it all came back to me. I remembered receiving the packages! The last thirty minutes of Walmart hell was all my fault! The only thing worse than being a jerk, is being a jerk for no reason, and the only thing worse than being a jerk for no reason is being a jerk because of something you yourself did.

Then to save a little face (and be assured, I'm not proud of this) I apologized profusely and then told the customer service lady and the poor woman helping me that my husband must have brought them in the house and not told me. (I know, I know, very weak, I'm sorry about that too.)

So here is my public apology. If you work in customer service and I've ever been a jerk to you, I am truly sorry. Have a lovely Christmas!


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