St. Lucia Day is Coming!

Last year we celebrated St. Lucia Day for the first time. We celebrated by buying a jar of cardamon for $13.00 at Albertson's and adding a teaspoon of that cardamon to some homemade St. Lucia buns and tasting them and realizing that they weren't very good (because cardamom is nasty) and then throwing the rest away. I think this year's celebration is going to be even better!

I figure all the other holidays we celebrate have morphed into something quite different than the original event the holiday was based on, so why not morph St. Lucia Day into something great. Mayhaps even the best holiday ever!

To make it a great holiday for me, the following will be required :
1. Good Food.
2. Friends and/or Family (but not too many).
3. Not having to buy anyone presents or do too much prep or post work.
4. Participation in some sort of unique activity.

Okay, so the food I have covered. We'll be eating dinner with St. Lucia bread, which will not contain any cardamom or cardamom-like substances. The Family/Friends will just consist of our four immediate family members this year. I wouldn't want to foist a beta-tested only holiday on anyone else. There will be no presents of course and the only extra work will be done by our bread maker (I don't think it will mind).

Now to item #4, the activity. I'm stumped on that one. It needs to be fun and memorable. And it would be nice if people didn't get hurt doing it, but that's not mandatory. I just glanced at a description of the day as observed in other parts of the world, like Minnesota. The description was really long and detailed so I didn't actually read it, but did see pictures of girls in weird hats and lots of candles---oh, and I saw those buns I made last year---ah, the unpleasant memories. So the activity could contain lots of candles and weird hats and weird hats with candles on them. Sounds possibly hazardous since our 4 and 6 year old boys are prone to carelessness when it comes to fire---however, I'm not going to rule it out just yet. Okay, I need to go ponder in my pondering place. I will keep you posted.


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