Santa, Jesus, and Heavenly Father

Here's a conversation I had with my six year old yesterday:

Son: Hey Mom--Santa, Jesus and Heavenly Father rock!

Me: What?

Son: I said, Santa, Jesus and Heavenly Father rock!

Me: Why do you say that?

Son: Because I want lots of presents for Christmas!

Me: **Heavy sigh**

I had no idea how to respond. That comment, along with a few others he's made, shows me that he sees God and Santa as basically the same type of being. Which on the one hand is kind of funny, but on the other hand, is a bit disturbing. I guess to a kid, they must seem very similar: You can't see either of them, except for in pictures and movies. They both perform things that are impossible for us mortals. They both do nice things for people, and you can ask both of them for things you want and if you're good, you might get some of them.

I can't tell him Santa isn't real, because that would destroy the magic of Christmas for him. He'll find out the truth eventually, and when he does, he will inevitably question the reality of the other two. I can imagine the conversation now: "He's not real?!? No wonder I never got that big green dinosaur I prayed for every year! What else have you lied about..."

So somehow I need to separate the two for him without destroying his belief in either. If any of you have any bright ideas on this, please share.


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