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My Long Awaited P90x Review

Yep, I did it. I completed the P90x 90 day exercise program. I actually finished on Thanksgiving weekend, but was waiting a couple of weeks to post this, hoping that a few weeks of down time would make all the difference.

Did it Work?
So first I'll answer the question you're all wondering ---did it work?--- and save the boring details for later. "Did it Work?" is such a clear, concise and simple question, and I really wish I could give an equally clear, concise and simple answer, but I can't. The exercise program worked, sort of. So it definitely made my muscles bigger and harder (sorry, I know that sounds dirty). Unfortunately, those awesome muscles are still nestled under a soft squishy layer of fat. I did not lose any weight while on the program. But, I didn't gain any either, so I guess that's something seeing as I went through two major holidays and began my inevitable holiday over-eating---mmmmmmmmm holiday overeating.

I was going to post my before and after pictures, but realized in the photos, I really don't look much different. (I'm kidding, I really wasn't going to post them. I'm not going to risk having any future Miss America crowns I'm sure to earn revoked). But when I feel my arms and abs and legs, boy howdy they feel rock hard. They are much more fun to touch now. I am probably touching them too much. I should probably stop. I wonder what people around me are thinking? Anyway, since I didn't post any pictures, feel free to stop by and give them a feel. Just be careful in the ab area because I'm really ticklish there. Also, be sure to warn me so I can secretly flex my muscles for maximum impact.

What Went Wrong
I imagine if I followed the diet plan more closely, or at all, I would have burned off the fat layer ----well, in theory. Actually, if I ever try to go on a restrictive diet I always end up fatter than when I started. Why? Because as soon as someone tells me I can't eat something I go out and eat that something until I'm sick and then eat some more until it's gone and then just keep doing it over and over until I eventually quit the diet and end up in hate with myself and my ever-widening girth. So regardless of its alleged effectiveness, the Tony Horton Diet probably no workie for me, but would probably work for someone with less food issues.

What I liked and Didn' t Like and Why
There are 12 DVDs in all. There is one yoga DVD, and several "Cardio" DVDs, and the rest are strength training DVDs. The yoga DVD is 90 minutes, which is way too long for me to do much of anything, let alone boring yoga, so I only did that a couple of times. The cardio DVDs include a lot of jumping up and down for a minute or two and then stopping for thirty seconds in between. My heart rate got high, but wasn't high continuously, so I didn't feel it cardio-ed me enough, even though the plyometrics were really, really tough.
The strength training DVDs are fantastic. Seriously. They are hard, but give plenty of alternative exercises if you can't do the one they're showing. Tony (yep, we're on a first name basis now) didn't make me feel like a loser when I couldn't do one of the exercises like the jump-clap push-ups. Instead of making me want to give up, his kind words of encouragement made me want to keep trying. In fact, his personal style is so authentic, Tony actually had my six year old son convinced that he could see us and was communicating with us through the TV.
The exercises are quite varied for the most part. I didn't get tired of them until the third month, which is a record for me with any exercise video. Two of the DVDs have a boatload of pull-ups and push-ups. I never did get a pull-up bar, I just used a band hooked to the ceiling, which didn't really give me a whole lot of challenge. I imagine the pull-ups would give much better results, well, if I could do a pull-up that is, because I would be surprised if I could even do one without some sort of assistance. After the first month, I could totally feel an increase in my muscle size. My triceps were muscley for the first time ever---no more grandma wiggly waving arms for me!

What Now
So now what do I do? I've slacked off and done pretty much nothing for these past two weeks. The thought of watching those DVDs all over again makes me nauseated. I wrote down all the exercises to each DVD, so I'm thinking on Monday, or maybe Tuesday, I'll begin my own version of P90x, using the same exercises but watching TV or an entertaining movie instead of Tony Horton and his Sunday Workout Buddies. Also, I am going to add different cardio on the non-strength-training days to see if I can burn off at least some of the soft squishy fat layer.

Overall, I was happy with these DVDs. I'm a fan of weight lifting and much prefer it from say jogging. If you like strength training and want to get motivated to exercise regularly, I recommend these videos. If you're trying to burn off fat and don't care so much about your muscularity right now, skip them.

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