More on the Wussifying of Our Country

I'm pretty sure there's a conspiracy to wussify America. Why? Two words: Indoor Recess. Apparently, if it's cold, snowy or rainy, the school my son attends holds recess inside the building.

Back in the day the word indoor was never associated with the word recess. We went outside three times a day and never complained. It didn't matter if the thermometer was 30 degrees below or there was a sideways blowing blizzard, we bundled up and went out there. Sure it was cold, sure we got wet, but we bucked up and loved every minute of it!

But now, for some reason the schools can't bare the thought of the children going outside to enjoy a snowstorm or play in the rain, thus turning them all into wussies. Before long, I imagine my kid won't want to do anything that may cause discomfort. I can hear the converstation now:

Me: Son, let's go outside and build a snowman.

Him: No way mom, I only go outside if the temperature is between 70-76 degrees and there is zero percipitation. Are you trying to get me killed?!?

And I'm sure it won't stop at that. The next thing you know, my kid will want his water softened and want all his favorite shows automatically recorded on a DVR! Come on people, wake up! What's happening to our society? Let our children suffer a little to make them strong, or before you know it, we'll be invaded in the winter by Al Qaeda, or Russia, or someone who hates America, and no one will try to stop them because they won't want to get cold.


Tenna said…
LOL you are so right. The kids of this country are wussies!

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