Best Holiday Ever!

We celebrated St. Lucia day yesterday. It was a huge success. In fact, we are currently in family negotiations over whether we'll replace Christmas with it. Christmas is so overrated.

We sat around in our pajamas most of the day, ate buttery, sweet cinnamon bread, and decorated the Christmas Tree. For the grand finale, we had a sock war.

The sock war did cause a few minor injuries, but once we gave our 4 year old a pair of safety glasses to wear during the battle, the tears stopped and it was non-stop fun from then on out.

Next year we're thinking of adding a jousting segment and getting rid of the Christmas tree decorating, because that was kind of boring.


Whitty Mom said…
Love your blog!! Have been out of it for a while and have missed the laughs I get from you! Safety glasses!! What are your celebrating I have never heard of that before?

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