The Case of the Missing Gum

It happened again. I was driving on the freeway today and decided to spit my gum out the window. I rolled the window partially down and tried to spit it out between the window and the sunshade. It ricocheted off either the top of the window or the sunshade and fell back into the car. I glanced down on the floor and couldn't see it. I felt around and couldn't feel it.

I figured I would easily spot it once I parked the car and got out and was able to really look around. I was wrong. I looked everywhere but couldn't find the gum. Now I'm afraid that it's lurking somewhere in my car, waiting for the opportune moment to get me. Maybe it's deviously sitting still, letting itself get all soft and warm in the sun hoping for the moment I put my foot in just the right place, then bam, getting itself stuck all over my shoe, ruining what would have otherwise been a wonderful day. I'm afraid.


Anonymous said…
Everything comes if a man will only wait........................................

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