I think my neck's getting too big

I was having a bad hair day yesterday, so I put my hair in a pony tail. That's when I discovered it; I think my neck has grown larger. Or it could be my jaw. Or possibly that area at the top of my back that isn't my neck and isn't my shoulders, but is somewhere between. Whichever--- something's larger, bulkier---just generally off it some way and it's not good, not good at all. I keep picturing myself morphing into the Incredible Hulk with his block head and large sinewy pyramid-shaped neck. I don't want that. All the lipstick and blush in the world won't detract from an Incredible Hulk neck!

If indeed my neck is bigger (which if it's not, then I suppose I'm going crazy---not sure which I'd prefer at this point), then there are three possible causes: A. weight lifting, B. my new haircut or C. a "natural" result of the aging process. If it's A or B, I'm okay, because that means it's reversible. If it's C, I'm not okay. I read that after we humans finish growing up, everything on our body stops growing except for our nose and ears. So maybe it's possible that our necks keep growing too. Frankly, I find ever enlarging body parts a much more horrifying symptom of aging than say, Osteoporosis --- or even senility.

So, my next steps are to grow my hair out a little and switch to lighter dumbbells. If my neck situation doesn't change after 6.5 weeks, then I guess I'll be looking into my neck plastic surgery options.


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