I was a perfect parent (until I had kids)

Up until yesterday, out of the 98 things I vowed I'd never do as a parent, I'd managed to do all but one. No, one is not many, but still, at least I had one. My vow number 98 was hanging on strong. Old buddy 98 was going to prove I was not a bad mom. But alas, last night I broke my sacred vow, the one and only number 98...the one vow I thought I'd never, ever break. What was it you ask? I'm embarrassed to say, but I believe I owe it to society to fess up. So here goes...For dinner last night I made macaroni and cheese (here it comes) with (are you ready for it?) hot dogs!! Yep, sliced hot dogs. Can you believe it? That was the meal I hated most when I was a kid. I swore every time we had it that I would never make it when I grew up; no matter what. I vowed I would be a good mom and not make my kids eat such a disgusting meal. Ah, the idealism of a child.

So what does it all mean? I guess my kids are doomed now since I'll never be that perfect woman I envisioned who never yells, who always has a spotless house, who doesn't give her children sugar, let them watch TV, or fix them macaroni and cheese with hot dogs (yes, all of those were actual vows I'd made). Sorry kids.


Cherice said…
I have done m&c with a hot dog, but not cut up in it. I'm sure Tage would love that. He is a garbage diposal and will no joke eat anything. I'm lucky

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