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I was a perfect parent (until I had kids)

Up until yesterday, out of the 98 things I vowed I'd never do as a parent, I'd managed to do all but one. No, one is not many, but still, at least I had one. My vow number 98 was hanging on strong. Old buddy 98 was going to prove I was not a bad mom. But alas, last night I broke my sacred vow, the one and only number 98...the one vow I thought I'd never, ever break. What was it you ask? I'm embarrassed to say, but I believe I owe it to society to fess up. So here goes...For dinner last night I made macaroni and cheese (here it comes) with (are you ready for it?) hot dogs!! Yep, sliced hot dogs. Can you believe it? That was the meal I hated most when I was a kid. I swore every time we had it that I would never make it when I grew up; no matter what. I vowed I would be a good mom and not make my kids eat such a disgusting meal. Ah, the idealism of a child.

So what does it all mean? I guess my kids are doomed now since I'll never be that perfect woman I envisioned w…