Sometimes I miss the bad old days.

I know we've learned a lot and live longer and healthier lives than we did back in the day, but sometimes I miss the shorter and unhealthy lives of yester-year. It's not that I would ever want to go back thirty years, but there are definitely things I miss, such as the following ten items:
  1. Riding things with wheels without first spending twenty minutes suiting up in protective armor (i.e., helmets, pads, special eye wear, shoes).
  2. Riding in cars without seat belts. Which includes, but is not limited to: riding in the back of pick up trucks, and doubling the capacity of cars by riding on laps.
  3. Second-hand smoke. Few things bring back my pleasant 1977 memories of Disneyland than the smell of a stranger's cigarette.
  4. The Marathon candy bar!
  5. Letting kids run around the neighborhood and surrounding areas unsupervised.
  6. Everything not causing cancer.
  7. No commercials on Cable TV.
  8. Eating raw-egg-containing cookie dough without fear.
Okay, that was only eight, but I'm tired and have to go supervise my kids who are playing outside.


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