Join My Virtual Book Club!!!

Do you love to read but never do? When you sit down to start a good book, do you stop after the first page because you feel guilty about all the chores or obligations you "should" be doing? Do you refrain from purchasing books, because you think they're a luxury you just can't justify? If any or any parts of those statements sound familiar, well grieve no longer, I have the answer! You need to join my book club! My book club will absolve you of any reading-inspired guilt.

If reading was an obligatory assignment, rather than a perceived, self-indulgent luxury, then how could you not spend hours on end doing it? It's your obligation, nay your duty. You owe it to the book club. You can't let the book club down, what would Oprah say? You can't be responsible for the occasional chore left unfinished while you finish your novel, after all, it's an assignment...there could be a test!

So if you're sitting on the couch reading, and your person of familiarity (e.g., kid, significant other, roommate, pet, mother) comes in and asks when you are going to fix dinner, all you have to do is say, "Sorry, can't, gotta finish this for book club." And guess what---they will totally understand! They'll do everything they can to pitch in and help around the house once they know how important you've become joining a book club and all.

And you can't only justify spending a bit of money on books, you can celebrate it!. If the book you want to read isn't available at the library, then you really have no choice but to buy it. It's for book club.

So what does the club entail? That's the delightful part. It's simple. There are no fees, and no turns to take cleaning your house and baking refreshments. It's virtual, so you can participate at your own home, on your own time schedule. And the book choice? There's no designated books to read! You just pick something you like and read it! Then, when you're finished, pick another one and read it too!

If after all that, you're just dying to "discuss" one of the books you've read, go ahead and send me an email with your thoughts and insightful musings. I will get back to you and tell you how smart and insightful you are, and praise and thank you for being in the book club. Your self-esteem will soar!

Don't you just love this idea? Are you totally interested yet? Are you wondering how you join? Joining is so easy and painless. All you have to do is declare it to whoever happens to be in the room at the time, and you're a's that simple! Just remember, don't just say it, declare it.

Happy reading everybody!


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