If you hate something, should you keep trying it?

I tell my kids that even though they hate yams, they should keep trying them, because one day, they might like them. They don't believe me, but one day they'll know I'm right. After all, people are the most adaptive animal on earth (probably). I'll bet we could learn to like the taste of vomit if we just keep trying it. Given the chance, or no other choice, people will eat anything, live anywhere, and do pretty much anything---and like it. They're like a weed. Proof positive: diet soda, living in Greenland, and BASE jumping.

Okay, on to my point: running. I hate running. I mean really, really hate it. I don't mean the fun type of running like chasing squirrels, I mean the brutal kind people do for exercise. The kind where people run just for the sake of running. That, me no likey. That shouldn't be a problem---after all, I'm an adult (sort of) and I realize that I'm under no obligation to like stuff. But running is the ideal exercise. I really want to like it. It requires no special equipment, no lengthy prep time, burns tons of calories, and you can do it almost anywhere. Plus, you can run in races and impress your friends. It would really improve my quality of life to do it and enjoy doing it.

So under my yam theory, I believe that if I keep trying, I'll learn to love it. And so I keep trying it, time and after time, year after year. And I still hate it. I don't even like it a little. With every jarring step, I think, "I hate this, I hate this, I hate this!" One year, I ran like five days a week for a year. I ran so much Stella's paws literally wore off. (She was running with me). Still hated it.

I wonder how much longer it will be until I adapt. I wonder when my kids will start liking yams. I wonder what the space between my lip and nose is called. Ah, the mysteries of life.


Cherice said…
I give Tage potato salad everytime. don't know why he hates it...???
Also, check out www.mathfactcafe.com it is a great site. I got Tages clocks and math pages there.
Whitty Mom said…
Do you run with friends? Maybe you really just hate your friends and not the running? Or maybe you should change up your music, or listen to music. A new pair of shoes always makes me happy. or a change in venue, run trails or hills or something. What I am saying is maybe it is not the running at all, blame it on the enviroment!! You could apply this to the yams as well, maybe try yam soup! let me know.

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