Help Me Stop the Kaysville Cannon!

Each 4th of July morning, the dreaded Kaysville Cannon goes off every 10 minutes or so starting at 6:00 in the morning. This cannon is so loud it can be heard for miles. It shakes our house, rattles the windows, freaks out our dog, and startles us awake way too early on a holiday.

It's purpose? To rouse the citizens of Kaysville and Fruit Heights for the annual chuck-a-rama breakfast...which I choose not to attend. And if I did choose to attend, I would choose to be awaken by some nice peaceful music, not by a succession of bombs that trigger all my horrific Vietnam flashbacks.

The 4th is days away, and already I'm jittery and nervous with anticipation. The cannon practically ruins the entire holiday. I've had enough, and it's time to for me to take a stand. All you Kaysville/Fruit Heights residents out there, are you with me?


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