Biker Ettiquette: Would it Kill People To Wave?

There's an unwritten tradition among bicycle riders that's been respected for centuries---until now. That tradition is the bikers' wave. Back in the day, when you'd see a fellow biker out riding, you'd exchange the biker wave. The biker wave is a special thing, somewhat akin to the Harley wave, but probably much, much older. To do it, you keep both hands on the handlebars and then with your palm still on the bar, raise the fingers of your left hand. That's it. A simple gesture that says, hi there, I see you and you see me. We are both riding bikes so we have something in common. Without the wave, the ride gets lonely, and all the people around seem unfriendly and cold.

This morning I was out riding and not one single rider returned my biker wave. I waved to a least seven bikers. Granted, a couple of them were riding mountain bikes, and they never wave, but the road bikers certainly should have.

So come on people, if someone waves to you (even if it's me) please do you part in keeping up tradition and wave back.


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