What I Did On My Spring Vacation

Last weekend Reni and I took off for a very short vacation to the Bay Area. Reni had to go for work, and I decided to keep him company. The kids stayed with Grandma. The following is a brief summary of the sites we visited.

The Jelly Belly Factory! Here I am standing in front of Mr. Jelly Belly himself.

Ren totally wishes that Jelly Belly car was his commuter.

They wouldn't let us take pictures of the actual factory, so you'll have to take my word for it when I say it was pretty awesome. The only thing that would have made it better was allowing us to jump into a giant vat of jelly beans!
Our trek through San Francisco. Here's the famous crooked street. It was really crooked.
My handsome studly husband in the foreground and Alcatraz in the background Oh, and there's some ship too.
Me, freezing. I knew it would be chilly, so before we left I bought a new jacket, which of course, I forgot to bring. Thank goodness Reni let me borrow his the whole time!
Crab dinner. Our first whole crab. Deeelicious!
Gee, I wonder why there isn't any one else on the beach. Hmmmm, maybe because San Fran isn't known for its beaches.

Muir woods is a cute little forest not to far from the bay. They have red woods and sequoias. They were tall and large, but nothing a car could drive through.
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That was pretty much it. We didn't take too many pictures. I'm not used to taking pictures that don't involve the kids, so was out of practice.


Cherice said…
Looks like you had a great getaway time. Fun for you guys!
(I want to go to the jelly bean factory!!!!)

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