Go Go Meat!

Meat is good. Meat is filling. Meat is satisfying. Meat, more than any other dish, makes the meal. You can't invite friends over for dinner and not feature meat as the signature dish, as the Simpson's say, you can't make friends with salad. Bold words? You betcha---especially from a former vegetarian. I actually bought a meat pounder (yes, that is its actual name---hee hee) and I actually used it. I never thought I'd need one of those. I'm eating meat for dinner almost three times a week, and eating it for many a lunch! I've finally embraced my American.

I think if I had to say, the tipping point to my slide down to Meatville USA all began five years ago with a single piece of thick, crispy, smoky-flavored bacon. My hankering for meat and meat-like products bloomed slowly and consistently from there, until I became the cow-eatin' carnivore I am today. So if the tree-huggin', hemp-shoe-wearin', wheatgrass-eatin' vegans really want to eradicate our country's addiction to dead animal flesh, they need to find a way to outlaw bacon. Bacon is just too delicious. It's a gateway drug. It's the light beer that serves as a precursor to a crack addiction. It opens all those mammalian taste buds and prepares them for a lifetime of burgers, ribs, and steak. Ah, bacon. Ah, meat. Thanks for all you do.


Stott Family 5 said…
Go Meat!!! I likes me a good piece of bacon, cooked just right! I also likes me a good piece of filet....yummy again it has to be cooked right! I think we will have pot roast for dinner tonight..go meat!

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