All I Wanted Was A Tree

Once upon a time we had many, many large trees that shaded the front of our house magnificently. So we chopped them all down. As soon as the last one was turned into sawdust we realized we really needed some trees in the front yard. So I went out last week and dug a hole in the middle of the lawn for the tree I'm going to buy. After I finished the hole I looked at it and thought it was a good hole. But then thought, "Who puts a tree in a just a dumb old hole these days?" Nobody, that's who. So I kept on digging until I'd created a nice rectangle. I cleaned up and went inside. Okay, you're right I didn't really clean up, but I did go inside. Then it rained. I looked out the window at my rectangle. It looked sad. It looked like a grave. It was the exact shape of a grave. Even my son thought so as he kept telling his friends to come check out our grave. So after the rain stopped (3 days later) I went and dug out more grass. I was going for a kidney bean shape this time. I finished digging and called it good. I went in the house and went to bed. I closed my eyes and saw my lovely kidney bean in my mind and then realized it looked more like a pair of dark sunglasses than a kidney bean. I can't have a giant pair of sunglasses in the middle of my lawn. I will feel like I'm being watched all the time. I don't know what shape to try next. The hole keeps getting bigger and bigger. I'm afraid. Any suggestions?


Stott Family 5 said…
I like a really big pair of sunglasses in your front yard, nobody has really ever had that look before, you could be starting a new trend, soon giant sunglass shaped flower beds will be appearing all over the country, it will all be thanks to you, besides the shape you want it to be never actually turns out to be the right shape when you are done digging, and at some point you say "whatever I am tired of digging" I hate our big flower bed out in our front yard, it's never felt like the right shape and I keep filling it with plants that don't really feel like they go in there, but "whatever I am tired of digging"! Good Luck!

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