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What I Did On My Spring Vacation

Last weekend Reni and I took off for a very short vacation to the Bay Area. Reni had to go for work, and I decided to keep him company. The kids stayed with Grandma. The following is a brief summary of the sites we visited.
The Jelly Belly Factory! Here I am standing in front of Mr. Jelly Belly himself.
Ren totally wishes that Jelly Belly car was his commuter.
They wouldn't let us take pictures of the actual factory, so you'll have to take my word for it when I say it was pretty awesome. The only thing that would have made it better was allowing us to jump into a giant vat of jelly beans! Our trek through San Francisco. Here's the famous crooked street. It was really crooked. My handsome studly husband in the foreground and Alcatraz in the background Oh, and there's some ship too. Me, freezing. I knew it would be chilly, so before we left I bought a new jacket, which of course, I forgot to bring. Thank goodness Reni let me borrow his the whole time! Crab dinner. Our firs…

Go Go Meat!

Meat is good. Meat is filling. Meat is satisfying. Meat, more than any other dish, makes the meal. You can't invite friends over for dinner and not feature meat as the signature dish, as the Simpson's say, you can't make friends with salad. Bold words? You betcha---especially from a former vegetarian. I actually bought a meat pounder (yes, that is its actual name---hee hee) and I actually used it. I never thought I'd need one of those. I'm eating meat for dinner almost three times a week, and eating it for many a lunch! I've finally embraced my American.

I think if I had to say, the tipping point to my slide down to Meatville USA all began five years ago with a single piece of thick, crispy, smoky-flavored bacon. My hankering for meat and meat-like products bloomed slowly and consistently from there, until I became the cow-eatin' carnivore I am today. So if the tree-huggin', hemp-shoe-wearin', wheatgrass-eatin' vegans really want to eradicate o…

All I Wanted Was A Tree

Once upon a time we had many, many large trees that shaded the front of our house magnificently. So we chopped them all down. As soon as the last one was turned into sawdust we realized we really needed some trees in the front yard. So I went out last week and dug a hole in the middle of the lawn for the tree I'm going to buy. After I finished the hole I looked at it and thought it was a good hole. But then thought, "Who puts a tree in a just a dumb old hole these days?" Nobody, that's who. So I kept on digging until I'd created a nice rectangle. I cleaned up and went inside. Okay, you're right I didn't really clean up, but I did go inside. Then it rained. I looked out the window at my rectangle. It looked sad. It looked like a grave. It was the exact shape of a grave. Even my son thought so as he kept telling his friends to come check out our grave. So after the rain stopped (3 days later) I went and dug out more grass. I was going for a kidney bean sha…