Maybe I'm Part of the Problem

You've heard it so many times it's become a cliche, boys love potty humor. I'm constantly asking my kids to stop with all the potty talk and my pleas generally go unheeded, but now I think I know why. In fact, I think a lot of it is probably my own fault.

They say that in the land of the blind, the one eye man is king. Well, likewise, I'm finding that in my house, where the funniest thing is to add the words "fart" "toot" or "burp" to the end of a sentence, I can be king. And all it takes, is some well-timed, basic, elementary fart jokes. No where else would this be the case. It's hard to resist the easy laughs. Now before you rush to judge me, consider the following example. Yesterday, Ryder was super excited and proud to tell us that he had just completed the following: he jumped from the chair, to the couch, then to the floor, and then, for the big finish, he tooted. I mean really, if they're going to set me up like that, how can I resist? How could anybody resist? So naturally, I then launched into a 5 minute monologue on a series of new proposed Olympic sports involving farting. Do you understand my dilemma now? If I continue giving them these mixed messages, I'll most definitely mess them up for life won't I?


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