Little Guy Turns 4---Faces Chuck E Cheese Fear

Ryder turned four on Saturday! He had a cousin birthday party at the local Chuck E Cheese (why didn't I open that franchise in Layton---I'd be swimming in money right now!). Chuck E was at the party, but you'll have to take my word for it, because as you may have noticed, he is suspiciously absent from the pictures. At no point was our little guy closer than 50 feet to the giant grotesque rodent. However, he did manage to be in the same room as Chuck E without shedding a single tear---major progress considering his once crippling phobia to people in oversized animal costumes.

Sweet New Bike! Check out the bow...courtesy of Daddy. Who knew he had bow making skills?

Here's the Autobot Cake! Okay, I cheated, that's a plastic toy on top.

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Ryder had a blast and loved all the presents everyone brought!
Ryder is so excited to be four, because according to him, now he'll be able to take on four bullies at a time! That's my boy!


Cherice said…
Oh sweet Ryder. I remember you when you were born. what a special spiritual day and a rollercoster too. Ryder, you have such an amazing family. I am so glad Stephanie pick them for you. You are so lucky to have both a mom and dad that love you so much and an older brother that was hoping to have you too. Love you my sweet Ryder.
Jill, you are an amazing person and such a great mom to your sweet boys. thank you for being apart of Staphanies life. thank you for putting your adoption papers in at that time and being there for Stephanie. That was the best decision she could have made for her little boy. and you will always have a special part in her heart. She had a hard day saturday, but ultimately knows Ryder is blessed to have you.

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