My One True Talent?

I may have discovered my one true talent. I believe everyone is born with at least one innate skill that they are just crazy good at, and that they just love doing (well, I'm still debating on the loving part, maybe they don't have to love it, in fact, perhaps it could be a talent they would hate doing).

I think it's my social and moral responsibility to discover what my true talent is. After all, I couldn't well deprive the world of me. I've been looking a good long time, and have had many false alarms, as my discovery yesterday may well turn out to be. Be that as it may, here it comes: it turns out I'm really good at pulling out loose teeth! Granted, I've only pulled out two, but if I do say so myself, I was amazing. It was similar to picking a flower. Just a firm grasp then, 'plick', tooth out...pain-free. Zero tears, zero tugging...just one single 'plick'. If you want, I will come over and pull out your kids' teeth. Just give me a call. I could also be persuaded into hosting a seminar on my technique. Maybe even include a phone conference/Webex for our good friends in India. Bear in mind, you may not do it was well as I do, but still, I think I could at least put you on the right path. This is finally my chance to give a little something back to society. You're welcome.


  1. you are cracking me up :) love your new found one-and-only talent. and remember.....don't hide it under a bushel. use your talent, and I think that you are well on your way in doing so.

  2. ROFL! Jill... I so love you


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