Legacy Parkway Trail Rocks!

Do you know where this picture was taken? Do you know who the person standing it it is? If you guessed Legacy Parkway Trail/Complete Stranger, then you were right on both counts.

We biked on the Legacy Parkway Trail the other day. I've wanted to take a ride on it since I first noticed its existence. Can I just say, it did not disappoint. It's a paved trail made for pedestrians and bikes and in some spots horses (blech). For the most part, it parallels the Legacy Parkway (what is a parkway anyway? Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?) It is as flat as any road/trail I've ever been on in Utah. It doesn't have any drinking fountains or bathrooms. It's evidently 14 miles long. We wanted to bike the whole thing, but were headed into a ridiculous head-wind going south, so only went 10 miles each way. I had a bear of a time figuring out how to get on the dang thing, so I've included a list of accessibility points for your reading pleasure:
  • Farmington - this trailhead is accessed using 650 West. To reach 650 West use State Street in Farmington. Go south on 650 West and then east on 250 South until you reach the parking area.
  • Birnam Woods - to access this trailhead go west on Porter Lane to 900 West and then go north until you reach the parking area.
  • Pages Lane - Pages Lane in Centerville ends at this trailhead. To access Pages Lane take the Parrish Lane exit and go south on 1250 West until it reached Pages Lane, 1250 West become 600 West at Pages Lane. You can also access Pages Lane from the 500 South. Go west of 500 South to 1100 West then go north until you reach Pages Lane.
  • Mill Creek - to access this trailhead use the 500 South exit and take 500 South to 1100 West. Go north on 1100 West to 1200 North and then west until you reach the parking area.
  • 500 South - to access this trailhead take the 500 South exit on Legacy Parkway or I-15 in Bountiful. If you are using the I-15 exit go west on 500 South until you reach the parking area.
  • 2425 South - to access this trailhead take Redwood Road to 2425 South in Wood Cross. Go west on 2425 South until you reach the parking area on the east side of Legacy Parkway. The parking area has room for horse trailers.
  • Center Street - to access this trailhead take Redwood Road to Center Street in North Salt Lake. Go west on Center Street until you reach the parking area.


Stott Family 5 said…
I have totally been wanting to go for a run on this trail, glad to know that it was not a disappointment! It looks awesome, now if only I could get the weather to cooperate! Thanks for the info, I had no idea how to access the trail either! Now I do, I think.
Stott Family 5 said…
P.S. I have always known that you were female, I have never questioned it, hope that makes you feel better!
Whitty Mom said…
Thanks for the info, I to have wanted to go on this trail and am looking forward to when the weather gets better. I will feel much more confident on my bike when there are not cars and other obsticles in my way.

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