One Down Nineteen to Go!

Despite all our protests, our little guy is growing up; he lost his first tooth yesterday. He discovered it was loose in his usual dramatic fashion. He bumped it with the toothbrush, noticed it was not behaving as a tooth should, and assumed he'd damaged it. Then he freaked out. He was sobbing hysterically and kept asking me when it would stand up again. I finally realized he had a loose tooth--duh! Then all it took was one small comment about the tooth fairy bringing money, and the tears instantly turned off. He was excited. Of course the next few days were interesting. He was extremely sensitive about what he would eat or even try to eat. I had no idea you could cut a McDonald's hamburger into so many tiny pieces. I had no idea someone would consider a McDonald's hamburger softer than bread. Well, maybe I should have known that; those kid burgers are disturbingly soft.

The first night he asked me if I was excited about his loose tooth. I answered, "Yes and no. Yes, because it means you're growing up! No, because it means you're growing up." It's a little sad knowing that for the next 6 or 7 years, instead of smiling at me with all those cute miniature corn kernel toddler teeth, he will most likely be smiling at me with a set of pre-pubescent hodgepodge over-sized misshapen Chicklet teeth. Then he asked me what the tooth fairy did with all the teeth she took. I told him she uses them to build new kids. He hasn't asked any more questions about the tooth fairy. But now I find myself a little disturbed with the whole tooth fairy thing. I keep picturing her in some dark cave with millions of tiny teeth all around her. She's slumped on a chair building some sort of monster child with a lot of teeth. Very creepy.


  1. I love the little hole in his smile, and if he is lucky then they will come in like Rachels have...all twisted and crooked and they will look GIGANTIC in his tiny little mouth. There are some perks to the whole growing up thing Rachel is the fetch it queen and when I need twenty minutes to myself, she is very handy with Landon! As for the tooth do know who the tooth fairy actually is right??? The fact that we all know who the tooth fairy is, and your imagry of her, is by far the most disturbing concept of them all, I will be careful not to go into your basement in the future, for fear of lot's of little teeth, and the monster that might be lurking behind them!

  2. Ahhh, growing up. cute and not so cute smiles. love it! Tage hasn't lost any teeth yet, bubt i'm sure it won't be long.

  3. I can't believe how big your guys are getting! Sydney called me out on being the tooth fairy. Man, that girl is too smart.

  4. I can't believe it is already happening! Kids grow up way to fast! I can only imagine the trama to a child of a loose tooth! I guess it makes for unforgettable experiences!


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