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One Down Nineteen to Go!

Despite all our protests, our little guy is growing up; he lost his first tooth yesterday. He discovered it was loose in his usual dramatic fashion. He bumped it with the toothbrush, noticed it was not behaving as a tooth should, and assumed he'd damaged it. Then he freaked out. He was sobbing hysterically and kept asking me when it would stand up again. I finally realized he had a loose tooth--duh! Then all it took was one small comment about the tooth fairy bringing money, and the tears instantly turned off. He was excited. Of course the next few days were interesting. He was extremely sensitive about what he would eat or even try to eat. I had no idea you could cut a McDonald's hamburger into so many tiny pieces. I had no idea someone would consider a McDonald's hamburger softer than bread. Well, maybe I should have known that; those kid burgers are disturbingly soft.

The first night he asked me if I was excited about his loose tooth. I answered, "Yes and no. Yes,…

My Upcoming Midlife Crisis

Last week I was watching TV and a commercial for wrinkle cream came on. My 5 year old turned to me and said, "Mom, you need that."

I guess it's obvious, even to a five year old, that I'm not getting any younger.

I figure a midlife crisis could strike at anytime. Instead of waiting around for it, I've decided to buckle down and get it over with. Like all great crises, I'm going to take my time and really plan this one out.

I could trade in my44 year old man for two 22 year olds. But if I did, I would actually have to start doing stuff. Like pretending to be interested in boring work stories and going wake boarding every Saturday. One 22 year old would be exhausting, let alone two. And I'm not even sure what wake boarding is. Scratch that one.

Maybe I'll start using words like "dude" and "redonculous". Oh wait, I'm already saying those things. Maybe I'll start dying my hair, oh yeah, I do that too.

Hmmm, this is tougher than I th…

Why Add Brown to a Rainbow?

Is it me or are rainbow sprinkles not as pretty as they used to be? When did they add brown sprinkles to the rainbow mix? When I hear the word 'rainbow' I think of a traditional rainbow, which includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. I have never seen a rainbow that included brown.

It's not that I'm against the color brown. I think brown sprinkles look lovely by themselves. I'm not saying they can't be paired with other colors either, like other shades of brown, or white, or pink, or even turquoise. But in the rainbow mix, blech. It doesn't work. All the other colors are light and bright and then you have this dark chocolate brown thrown in. It clashes. I've looked everywhere for sprinkles without brown and can't find any. I can find other types of shakable candy confections without brown, like the nonpareils, candy confetti, and colored sugar, but not in the traditional 'jimmy' style sprinkle.

I was about to the point of skippi…