Men are Awesome

I would like to say a few words in honor of men. Sometimes we take men for granted. So can I just say, that you men out there, you're all right. Why? Two reasons: shoveling and two-stroke engines.

Let's start with shoveling. Is there anything sexier than a man with a shovel? I mean seriously, have you ever tried shoveling? It's really hard. I mean bordering on impossibly hard. Granted, as we all know I'm a wimp, but still, shoveling ain't easy. Enter the man. Give a man a shovel and he can change the world. Men can dig up dirt, shovel snow, or dig a trench in a matter of minutes. I've seen it a million times, but I still stand in wonder whenever I watch a man work a shovel. Oooo I just got the chills picturing it.

Next, the two-stroke engine. I've heard about the fabled two-stroke engine my whole life (and smelled it---mmmmm, nothing quite like that smell), but never even gave it a second thought until recently. Apparently, to make a two-stroke engine work (like the one in a snow blower or in some motorcycles) you have to add a special oil into the gasoline at a very precise ratio, which is based on the engine, the weather, and the tilt of the earth or something like that. I had no idea! But my man...he knew all about it. He's known about it his whole life. Apparently, when God glues on their penises, he inserts the secret formula for two-stroke engine fuel into their brains.

We are so lucky to have men. They shovel and they keep the snow-blower working, and act like it's nothing. They don't ask for anything in return for these skills and talents they possess. It's about stinking time we recognized men for the amazing creatures they are! If you have one, or know one, go give him a hug.


  1. I'll take that hug, but I personally know men that don't know the secret of two-stroke engines. It's part of what makes a man a "real man" (also something to do with that what has been "glued on"). Some don't know how to operate shovels either. We often see these types leaning on one and we call them lazy. You can hide your lack of two-stoke knowledge, but you can't hide correct shovel operation. None the less, thanks for the credit to the man.

  2. Isn't it the simple things in life that make us happy? Who says we women are complicated? I have often been amazed myself at just how seriously Jeff would kick my butt if we were in a shoveling contest!


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