Biggest Loser Makes Me Snacky

There's a television show called America's Biggest Loser--- maybe you've heard of it. I was watching it the other day during the commercials for America's Biggest Idol. Here's the question. Shouldn't that show make viewers want to eat less? I mean, seeing those 400+ pound contestants stop eating their favorite foods and working out for 6 hours a days should really inspire everyone to put down the Doritos bag and jump on a treadmill. Not to mention, seeing those poor people without their shirts should definitely do it, right? Okay, now I'm not sure why, but that show actually has the opposite effect on me. Whenever I watch it, all I want to do is eat snacks. Seriously, whenever both shows aired simultaneous commercials I found myself upstairs rooting around the fridge and pantry for tasty snacks. I've been trying to figure out why, and I've come up with three theories.

1. They say that your subconscious has trouble differentiating events that you actually participate in versus events you watch other people participate in on TV or in the movies. So in other words, maybe our brains actually believe we're the ones starving, getting yelled at by Bob and Jillian, and working our cans off. If that's the case, maybe my brain is compensating for all the perceived deprivation it thinks my body just endured. And there's few greater cures for deprivation than a bag of Doritos!

2. Maybe it's all the talk about food on the show. I've noticed that the more I think about food, even if I'm thinking about not eating it, the more I end up eating it.

3. Maybe seeing the 400+ people (again without shirts---why do they make them do that?) make me think, huh, I'm doing great, I'm no where near that size, so I might as well go pig out.

So there's my thoughts on the matter. It may be one of those, it may be all three, or it may be something differently entirely. Whatever the case, I think I'm going to stop watching it.


  1. You can not stop watching that show!! I love that show and I have cried every episode. Just try and chew some of that Extra fruit flavor gum that they are always pushing on the show and see how that works. But heavens, don't just throw in the towel!! Has Bob and Julian taught you nothing.


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