3D Dinosaurs Prove To Be Too Much

I thought I would be doing the boys a huge favor by taking them to see the
DINOSAURS 3D: GIANTS OF PATAGONIA IMAX movie today at the Clark Planetarium. Before we went, I searched for a "too scary for little kids" warnings on their website and didn't find one, so figured we were good to go. The boys had never seen a 3D movie before, so I did my best to prepare them for it. I stood behind a doorway and said, "Look at me I'm at a movie. It's in 3D!"When I said "3D!" I lurched through through the doorway. I did that three or four times. They thought it was funny, and then thought it was dumb---I should have quit after the first time. Shockingly, it turns out my 3D simulation did nothing to prepare them for the actual horrors of a 3D movie.

Things went well at first. We sat down and tried on the glasses. First over our eyes, then on our heads, then back on our eyes. We talked about how we couldn't keep the glasses---eventhough according to my five year old, the guy handing them out said he could keep his. Things were great. Then the movie started. Well, a preview about a fish show started. Which was the beginning of the end. At the end of the preview a fish jumps out of the screen and chomps at you. And in the kids' defense, it was startling. I actually jumped and screamed. Then I looked at my 3 year old, and he started to cry and then crawled onto my lap. I told them both they could take off the glasses if it got too scary. Apparently, for Ryder, it never got not too scary (huh?) because he didn't put them back on again. Asher put them on for awhile. He kept getting out of his chair to try to grab things from the movie (too funny). Then the T-Rex part came and things weren't so funny after that. (It was actually a Gigantasaurus, for those of us who were paying attention). At the first glimpse of the "T-Rex", he ripped the glasses off, leaned next to me and yelled, "I don't want to watch this!" I told him to close his eyes. His eyes just got wider at that, and then he yelled, "I want to get out of here NOW!" He wasn't crying, so I figured he'd be okay. Soon the T-Rex was gone and he stopped yelling, but wouldn't put the glasses back on.

Without the glasses a 3D movie is awful. It's beyond blurry; it's unwatchable in my opinion. I kept asking the kids if they wanted to put them back on, but they kept refusing. At one point they each yelled back to me in their most annoyed voices, "Nooooo, stop asking me that!!!" I guess a good mom would have stopped, but their anger struck me as quite funny, so of course I kept asking them every five minutes.

It finally ended, and Asher turned and said, "That was way too scary." Ryder agreed. He said they wouldn't come back again until they were teenagers.

The movie in and of itself, isn't scary. It's only 40 minutes long, and the majority of it is either footage of some not-so-pretty landscape, or a guy driving a pickup truck down a dirt road through some not-so-pretty landscape . The alarming part, at least for my kids, is evidently the 3D aspect of it. It was just too much for my little guys to handle. I wonder if someone is going to end up in our bed tonight?


Nuttcrackers said…
Very funny experience, I guess we will avoid the movie for now!

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