Want Seriously Dry Pits?

Very few products meet my expectations. Even less exceed my expectations. So when I recommend something, you can bet that I don't do it lightly. If you've ever been known to sweat in the underarm region, even though you religiously apply deodorant each morning, put down the mouse and go out and by Secret Clinical Strength deodorant; immediately! This stuff is amazing.

When you see it at the store you'll probably mutter, "$8 bucks, are you kidding me, it can't be that good." That's what I said, but I tried it anyway. And let me tell you sister, it's worth every penny. Since buying it, it's like I don't even have sweat glands anymore. I could be sitting under a heat lamp in a humid Madagascar jungle, sweating profusely about the head and neck, but my underarms? Dry as the desert.

When I first heard of the whole clinical strength stuff, I figured
I didn't qualify as a potential user because I wasn't naturally sweatier (is that a word?) than the average person (at least I didn't think I was; I could've be wrong). But still, there were times when my Baby Powder Fresh-Scented Suave didn't cut it. Since switching, I haven't had a single, solitary perspiration incident. I'm not kidding. Go buy it.Posted by Picasa


  1. I am with you on this one. I bought some and had the same experience....I love it! Worth every penny!!!

  2. You have just made my day..maybe Santa will put some in my stocking! I have been praying for a deoderant that worked for sweaty armpits...sorry if this is too much info! I might have to go and buy some tomorow..will Ryder be able to help me pick it out?


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