Real or Fake?

If you were to write down the pros and cons of purchasing a live Christmas tree, the con list would far exceed the pro (as I'm sure you all know). So why still buy one?

Before I answer that, let me just say that I judgeth not anyone who buyeth an artificial tree. To each their own.
  1. For me, a real tree says," mmmm, ahhhh Christmas," like a plastic one never could (not literally though). Yes, a lot of it is because of the smell, but there's more to it that's hard to put into words.
  2. A fake tree is always perfect, and always the same. Real trees are always imperfect and changing, which I find quite endearing and continually interesting. (I feel the same way about people.)
  3. There is a part of me that gets a little creeped out by fake things that mimic live things. Things like fake plants, mannequins, and dead people who've been embalmed can be unsettling.
  4. Real trees provide a lot of opportunity for complaining. I enjoy complaining.
  5. At the end, you get to throw it away. No storing, no putting away. Just chuck it and start over next year. Throwing stuff out is a beautiful thing.
So that's it. That's why we keep getting live trees year after year. There may come a day for us when the long list of cons will outweigh the five things I listed above, but for now, we're going to keep getting real trees, and we're going to keep complaining about them to all of you.

Here are some photos of our tree-buying excursion. Luckily we went out right before the blizzard hit!


  1. I like the fake stuff the sap all over me, no standing in the cold to pick the tree with the least amount of bald spots, no tying to the car, no pine needles all over my house...which I am absolutley postivie that Landon would eat, and then I would be calling poison control yet again, because Dan would be convinced that it was poisonous. Besides that Landon has already tried to pull our tree down several times this year, and successfully ransacked my neighbors tree yesterday. Don't you just love the holidays?


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