Pumpkin Pie

Let's talk pie. First off, if anybody ever makes you a pie, then they really must love you. The same could be said for cut-out, frosted sugar cookies, but this post is about pie, so I won't mention that. I started my Thanksgiving pie making at 4:30 PM today. It's 7:34 PM right now. I haven't even started making the filling yet. The last 3 hours has all gone into making the crust. The crust requires 3 separate chillings, which are eating up all my time. Now I'm just hanging out, waiting for the proper chill factor. Why didn't I do the crust last night? Why!? Bah!

7:53 PM. The final chill is complete. Now I will pre-bake the crust, and then heat up the filling (something new I'm trying, hope it works; I wouldn't want to ruin a pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and hear those three dreaded words: WORST. THANKSGIVING. EVER.).

8:30. I just poured the hot filling into the hot pie crust. I put on the pie shield crust protector thingy and put it in the oven. It should be finished in 25 minutes. So far, everything is looking good. I didn't even slosh the filling all over like I usually do when I carried it to the oven (a Thanksgiving miracle mayhaps?).

8:44. I'm considering when to remove the pie shield. The pie is looking fabulous. Can't do it too soon or the edge will get fried. Can't do it too late or it won't turn golden brown. I think I'll give it five more minutes.

8:47. Removed pie shield, and then put it back on. The crust is already brown. What the heck? Is the pie shield even working? Grrrr.

8:48. Pie has 5 minutes to go. Come on little buddy, were almost finished.

8:53. Removed pie from oven. Looks okay. It's so hard to tell when pumpkin pies are done...

Now I just have to let it cool for two hours. I should be pie-complete by 11:00 tonight. Whew. Pies can be a lot of work. I won't know until tomorrow if the pie is truly a success.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. So what was the outcome?

  2. Wow, that looks great, I had to do pumpkin pie as well, but mine did not take that long, I am going to have to get your crust recipe.


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