When did I become such a slob?

It must have happened pretty gradually, or I would have noticed. Or maybe I've always been a slob and I'm just now noticing. But that can't be the case. I remember seeing women shopping in their jammy pants, shameless, at the grocery store, and I would think,"I'll never be like that." I vowed in those days to only go out of the house with at least some makeup on and in clothing instead of lounge-wear. Fast forward to now. What happened to me?

The other day, I walked my boy to school. (He's in afternoon Kindergarten. It starts at 12:45. This is relevant to the story.) While we waited for the bell, his teacher came out. Asher stepped out of line and started walking towards her. I wondered why he wasn't staying in line like usual. I tried to coax him back to his place. He kept walking. When he was standing next to her, he announced, "My mom's still in her jammies!"

Okay, now let me explain. I wasn't wearing actual jammy pants, I was wearing sweat pants. But yes, they were the very sweat pants I had worn to bed the night before. Aaahh! Here it was after lunch and I was still in my jammies; now all the world knew! Speechless for a moment, I then turned to his teacher and told her I'd been really busy "cleaning the house" and figured it was pointless to get dressed. And just between you and me, by "cleaning the house", I of course meant "surfing the Internet".

So after that incident, I've been taking a hard look (okay, not really hard, but a look...okay, not really a look, but a glance) at my slobbish ways. I realized I'm going to have to come up with a few attainable goals in this area. The first one being, don't wear jammies to Asher's school.


Julie said…
Don't you just love the kids telling it like it is!!! I have always thought I would never go there either....and I have!!!
Stott Family 5 said…
Oh, Puhleeeeeese, I am usually still in my sweatpants until well after Rachel gets home from school! You know around 3:45 in the afternoon. I love the winter for the reason that I can be in my Jammies at 5 pm, because it's dark outside. On Sundays I come home from church and put my pj's on, in fact Rachel and I have a race to see who can get theirs back on the fastest! You have seen me three morning's a week now for 4 years, and I sometimes still look just like that at 2 in the afternoon...so start to feel a little better, at least you have a job, that requires you to look nice 3 days a week, I got nothing baby...and hence the reason that I can gain weight so easily...sweat pants are so roomy, you don't even know that you are getting fat, until they don't fit anymore! You gotta love that Asher though...he is seriously one-of-a-kind!

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