Jill Day Let Me Down

I probably should have taken Cherice's advice and had a pedicure yesterday. I've never had one, and actually, that was one of my 2008 goals. But I didn't. The day started off wonderful and ended fine. The middle wasn't so great. But as I said to Ren, every day has a blah part, even the best of days.

The criteria I set down for my activities were: 1) They must be things I couldn't really do or enjoy doing with the kids 2) They couldn't involve housework of any kind and 3) They had to be things that would be fun alone (i.e., bowling was out). That really doesn't leave much too choose from I discovered. Two things that fit the criteria were a long hike and reading a book. I decided to do both at the same time. I had an audio-book on my iPod; I've never "read" a book while hiking. It was a very interesting experience.

At 9:38 AM I left the car and started up Adams Canyon. I hadn't planned being there so long, but was enjoying it so much I decided to go all the way to the waterfall. I didn't get lost and I didn't fall down, although came close to doing both. I got back to the car at 11:21. I still had about 30 minutes left of the book, and wanted to finish it. I went to Chevron, used their facility, and then bought an icy-cold beverage. After that I found a nice little park and pulled over and finished the book. The book was called The Last Lecture. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It made me miss my family, and made me forget why I needed a Jill day in the first place. I went straight home to hug them all. (Here's where the highlight of my day ends.)

When I arrived home, the fam wasn't around so I hopped in the shower and planned to stay in there until the water went cold . I love the shower. I hope when I die, it's in the shower. In the middle of my shower, the fam came home. I didn't get to see how long it would take for the water to turn cold. They reminded me quickly why I needed a Jill day. Funny how that is.

Ren asked me if I was ready to do something with the family yet. I almost caved. But this was Jill day, and I needed to make the most of it. I decided to go shopping. I forgot how much I hate shopping. I always forget that. First I went to Ross, Dress for Less. I'm not sure why I went there. I haven't bought anything there for years. I guess I was feeling frugal and was hoping to find a deal. I came 'this close' to buying a big blue shiny purse. It was really pretty. I changed my mind and left empty-handed. Since Super Target was right across the street, I went there next. I was there for a long time. By the end, I was Super Annoyed, not at Super Target specifically, but because my dislike of shopping had really kicked in. I left without buying anything and went home.

Still super-annoyed, I unfortunately vented a bit of it on Ren.

"What's wrong?" he asked.
"It's your hair," I answered.

For some reason, when I'm annoyed for no particular reason, I take it out on his hair. It's not fair, but I figure it's better than taking it out on him. So my dear, sweet husband went to the hair-cutter lady and took the kids with him. (If that isn't love, I don't know what is.) Plus, he came home with pizza for dinner!
While they were gone, I decided to practice using my camera. I went in the backyard to find something pretty to shoot. I looked and looked, and then realized, there wasn't anything pretty in my backyard! The flowers were all dead, the vegetables looked terrible from the snow storm. Note to self, add something pretty in the backyard some day. Luckily Stella was with me, so I ended up taking about 50 pictures of her. It was just like the old days.

With my annoyance pretty much gone at this point, I capped off Jill Day with some good TV. The Office is one of my most favorite shows. Hilarious.

And thus ended Jill Day. Like most days, the expectation exceeded the actual event, but it was still worth while; I had a good hike and I learned some stuff. If I ever have this opportunity again, I will make an hour-by-hour schedule before hand. Also, I can't be at home. Kids can't comprehend mom being home, but not at their beck and call. If they can see me, then they consider me fair game. They didn't like having me off duty. In Asher's bedtime prayers, he prayed that there would never, ever be another Mommy Day. Also, as a friend pointed out (thanks Julie), it's just not that fun hanging out alone all day. Next time, one, or all of you, are coming with me!


  1. Are you serious...no pedi? Sure your not alone, lote of people proably never had one....my mom included. I actually really like facials better. I think the hike was a perfect decision! Love Adams canyon! good pick! I will have to check into that book. Love the alone times, but love them family too.

  2. I have to agree with Juile, it is not really fun spending the whole day alone. And hiking up that canyon can be dangerous by yourself. Next time you better call me and Julie and we can go with you, I am always up for a day out, or better yet, lets head to Vegas!!!


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