Is it Over?

I think the person who cuts my hair is trying to break up with me! Maybe I'm being paranoid, maybe I'm over-analyzing it; I hope that's the case. I've called her many times over that past couple of weeks and she never picks up. She usually sees my number on her caller ID and returns my call within a day, but I haven't heard from her at all this time. A bit suspicious. I thought maybe she was on vacation, but then I saw her at church. I've been racking my brain trying to think if we did something wrong on our last appointment, but I can't think of anything. I've always paid her well, the kids love going there. Asher only squirted her once with the sink sprayer, and that was awhile ago; I'm sure she's gotten over that.

She's been cutting our hair for like 10 years. If she is breaking things off, wouldn't a decade-long relationship warrant a face-to-face break-up rather than this? Don't I deserve better? I'm a bit torn. Each time I call, I say, "If she doesn't pick up this time, then it's over, I'm going to someone else." But then when she doesn't pick up, I start looking through the Yellow Pages for other hair cutter people, and get scared and confused and just want my hair-cutter lady back!

I'm too old to start all over again. I can't just walk into Super Cuts and turn my hair over to some 19 year-old, fresh out of hair-cutter school, pay for the cut and then go home and cry because it looks so bad! I've paid my dues over the past 10 years, she and I have built something; we can't just let it die.

Should I do something? Should I go to her house and confront her? Should I bake her something? Am I overreacting? Should I just get over it and move on? My hair is in DIRE need of a cut! I'm going to have to act fast. Please advise.


  1. Jill,
    I love the girl I go to, try her out. I agree you have paid your dues!! Whatever you do....don't go to supercuts!!!!

  2. I love my haircutter lady...too, she has been cutting my hair for 12 years. If you need a new person let me know I'll get you her number. I repeat Julie's words of advice No Supercuts!!!


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