Is It Over? -- Part 2

So I decided to try out one of our local haircut places. There's quite a few that don't require an appointment. I like that; I have a phobia about appointments. But I needed someone else to try it first. I needed a guinea pig...Ryder! That probably sounds mean, but I did ask him first; he had a choice. Plus, his hair grows the fastest, so it seemed fair. Here's our conversation:

Me: Do you want to be my guinea pig?
Him: Yes.
Him: I don't want to be a sinny gig.
Me: Ha! Too late, you already said yes! Get your shoes on, let's go.

So we went to Totally Clips. (Whenever I say that name, I can't help but break into Totally Eclipse of the Heart. I actually bought the sheet music for that song way back when, and could sort of play it on the piano. I thought I was so cool.) We walked in, had to wait about 20 minutes, and then she took us back to her chair. She was really nice. I told her what I wanted, and she did exactly what I said. She put a cartoon on for Ryder and he seemed to enjoy it. We spent the next 20 minutes or so talking about her Christmas shopping. She was one of those heavy talkers, which I don't mind, because then I can just sit back relax, and just nod like I'm interested. The haircut looked good. I have no complaints.

I was going to go back there today and have her cut my hair, but then had a conversation about bad haircuts with Julie that scared me too much. She recommended someone. Now I have a backup plan. This eases my stress. But now, I feel emboldened. I have nothing to lose. I think I'm going to try my original lady once more...face to face if necessary. At the very least I'll get some closure.


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