Bathroom Smells like Pee

Our bathroom has the overwhelming stench of urine. I know with two little boys, that's bound to happen, which it has, a lot, but this time is different. This time, despite our cleaning efforts, we can't eliminate it. We can't find the source, the ground-zero, if you will. First we thought it was the tub, then the floor. Cleaned them both, still stinks. Then I thought it was the heater vent. That must be a tempting target. I cleaned that this morning. It still stinks. Where could it be?

I've interrogated both boys, but their memories are spotty at best. Each time I question them, I get different answers. They did both admit to going in the tub, but other than that, their stories don't match up at all, and frankly don't make much sense.

We have several options here:
1. Hope we get used to the smell and stop noticing it.
2. Hang an air freshener to cover the smell.
3. Perform an even more thorough cleaning (walls, ceiling, etc ---I'm not sure what their maximum range is, so who knows)
4. Completely re-do the bathroom (it's not like it doesn't need it anyway)
5. Sell the house.

While number 5 is tempting, I hate packing, so that one's out. Number 3 would be the most logical, but what if we go to all that trouble and it still stinks? Number 1 may be the answer. Humans are surprisingly adaptable I always say. But what will our guests think? That wouldn't be good. Number 2 is worth trying; at least in the short term. I'm really starting to like number 4. Maybe this will be the motivation we need to get us off our cans and replace our 1970s-inspired bathroom decor. Maybe the little pee bandits did us a favor...


  1. I agree with number 4, but oh my... that sounds like a lot of work!!! I will volunteer John to help you!!!

  2. Please, Please let me know what you decide to do, because our bathroom smells the same and I am FREAKING out!! I have tried everything, including the wall plug in to cover up the smell and it just smells like flowery pee, or spicey pee whichever plug in I decide to use. I will be awaiting your results.

  3. Gross! I vote clean, if you remodel they might just keep peeing in the same spot. problem not solved :)
    I have made my blog private. email me at so I could "invite" you.

  4. Not to "rub your nose in it" but I have to say...stories like this make me so grateful for 4 girls!!

  5. I must know what you decide to do...we are so not remodeling any bathrooms right now, but our downstairs bathroom smells the same...before we just blamed it on the dog...but now hmmmmm, I guess I know where it is coming from. Just kidding, although I will say that I don't allow them to all pee at the same time anymore, and when one of them is in the bathroom, I make sure the rest of them are not...they are so mischevious together, seperate them, that is the key. My vote is for the remodle, or the move, there are some super cute homes down by us for sale hint hint:)


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