Another Great Idea

Ya know how all the tree-huggers and/or celebrities are criticizing everyone for buying/making water in plastic bottles? They say that there's something like a billion thrown in the trash every minute. They say that they're killing whales and causing global warming---or was it warming whales and killing the globe? Either way, they're apparently bad. Well, I have to make a confession: I still buy them.

They are so darn convenient. Sometimes I just want to carry water in over-priced, single-serving containers. And I don't think I'm alone. Which leads us to my great idea---Imagine you're at the beach, you're hot and need a drink. You reach in the cooler and pull out an icy cold can of...water.

That's right, water; canned water. Why not sell water in aluminum cans? Aluminum is cheap and easy to recycle. Nothing gets a drink colder that aluminum.* Sure, there would be some "re-education" required. People like to see their water to know it's clean and pure. But if the marketers can get us to pay a bunch of money for a product we can get for free, I'm sure they would have no trouble getting us to buy canned water. Really, what more would they have to do besides slap it in a pretty can, name it something French, and charge way too much for it?

* I learned that from TV. Remember that old commercial showing a family tie a 6-pack of bev to their raft and then float down a river? Remember how happy they were to have their drinks in aluminum cans?


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