My Latest Great Idea!

Okay, this is huge. Are you ready? This idea could change the world. Or at least America. Or at least all the snack lovers out there. You know the chips in the potato chip bag that are folded over? How about a bag of nothing but fold-over chips? I was going to post a picture of said chip, but I, uh, ate it before I had a chance to photograph it. Can you deny that the fold-overs are the best of the possible potato chip experiences? In our house, we all pick through the bag and pull out the fold-overs. Last night, I was fighting with my son over some prime fold-over chips. With a bag full of fold-overs, we wouldn't have to pick through, or fight over, potato chips anymore!

I went to the Lay's website to email my great idea to them, but it turns out they, just like the M&M/Mars people, don't accept ideas from people like me. I guess it has something to do with the idea-submitters wanting a piece of the profit. But I wouldn't want a piece of their profit, just the opportunity to buy the fold-over chips. However, I wouldn't mind a thank-you card from them. That would be nice. Or maybe a small gift. Or a plaque. I've never been given a plaque before. Or a medal. A gold medal---shaped like a fold-over chip! Maybe a solid gold medal...

I just had a great business idea---just now while I was typing this! What if I buy regular bags of potato chips, and then take out all the boring straight chips and then re-sell them? It would sort of be like the whole Clean-Flicks idea. Or maybe to avoid being sued, other people could buy the chips and then pay me to segregate all the fold-overs! It would be an ongoing service. I like it! What do you think!?!


  1. Fold overs are the best...I would definatley buy a bag of all fold over chips. Okay new about a bag of popcorn, with all of them the ones that are only barely know the kernals that just barely started to explode they are the best and Dan and I fight over them all the time! Ah Brilliance!

  2. Brilliant idea Heidi! Those little partial-popped kernels are SO good!

  3. We fight over the fold-over too!!! I love your idea!!!

  4. lol! I've never thought about it, but I love it!

  5. I'm thinking if you couldn't refrain from eating long enough to take the said picture, then I wouldn't give you the job of sorting them all out. Just a thought. I love the fold-overs. I have totally eaten a potato chip at 6:30 in the morning while I am packing school lunch simply because it was a fold-over and I couldn't waste it.


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