Buyer's Remorse

Here is a list of purchases that I have never regretted (at least not yet; there's always time for regret)
  1. King Size bed (why didn't we buy this sooner?)
  2. 50" Plasma TV (Who needs to go to the movies now?)
  3. The Pilot (It may not look pretty, but at least it's not a mini-van!)
  4. Bicycles (They all get used and abused---in a good way)
  5. Bread Maker (Who said making bread was hard?)
  6. A really nice cheese grater (totally worth it, no more grated knuckles)
Here's the list of purchases that I have since come to regret.
  1. Siding through K-Designers (love the siding, but regret falling for the over priced, super-high pressure sales...hence the current the 'No Soliciting' sign on our front door)
  2. Rolling Kitchen Island (we only use it to stack crap on, like we need more places for that!)
  3. Nearly white carpet (It sure isn't nearly white anymore; more like a rustic, mottled gray)
  4. Treadmill and the stepper before that (I will never use exercise equipment at home; when will I ever learn?)
  5. Those two expensive lamps I bought online (they are total crap, one isn't even in use!)---Is it okay to use the word 'crap' twice in one post?
  6. Our P.O.C. Kenmore vacuum (Yeah, sure the Dyson is over-rated, Mr. Sears salesguy. Whatever.) --Did you notice I refrained from using a third 'crap'? You're welcome!
That's all I can think of right now. The score is Regrets 6, Non-Regrets, 6. Huh, a tie. I'm actually surprised. The amount of time I fret over the regrets far surpasses the amount of time I spend basking in the joy of the non-regrets. There's probably a lesson in that somewhere, but I don't care.

My point is, with a 50% non-regret rate, unless I'm going with the nonsensical school grading system where 50% is an 'F' (which I am not) then I must possess at least an average ability to purchase things I like.

I appreciate my average ability. So for every purchase I make there's a 50/50 chance I will love it. I like those odds.

SO...and here come the real point, that first one was just a teaser to get your attention...I should buy that expensive SLR camera I've wanted for so long! Thanks math! I'm off to!


  1. Math is should buy it! I don't think you would regret it! You take pics now, it will just be better quality. I am wishing for one, so when I get that2 grand I will be off to Amazon too! Take a photo classes, something you might enjoy?

  2. I have made plenty of purchases that I darn not share, my latest "The Dry Roasted Edamame" it is like eating rabbit poop!! And on your Testicle question, I want more babies, so I am sad, because not testicles means no babies, unless we aske the neighbors.

  3. Go and buy it, and then I can break two commandments...something about coveting...and lusting (not the wife...the camera, I thought maybe you needed clarification). I would love an slr camera, does this mean that I would have to learn to take pictures, or does the camera, automatically make me a photographer, if so sign me up!

    There are about 10 zillion purchases that I wish that I had never purchased, and probably half as many that I am so thankful that I did...and seriously why did you guys wait sooooooo long for a king bed? What were you thinking?


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