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Is My Dog Prettier Than Me?

When compared with other women, I know I wouldn't be the one to win a beauty contest, but up until now, I never thought I'd lose one to a dog!

Last week we took Stella for what was suppose to be a simple bath and haircut. As it turns out, it was a bit more. Apparently she had quite the transformation and she crossed a line---a line that makes the event equal to an A-Grade Oprah-style makeover.

Asher was looking at the two of us for awhile after her "makeover" and then said,

"Stella sure looks pretty, huh Momma."

"She sure does," I answered.

"She looks prettier than you now, he said. "Doesn't she Momma?"

I didn't know how to respond. If I said yes, then I'd be admitting that our dog is more attractive, if I said no, then I wondered what kind of prideful message I was sending my son. I've never been compared to a dog based on looks before, and was left a bit puzzled. I would have been happy to forget all about it, b…

Scissor Ban II

Five minutes after Scissor Ban #1 was lifted, Scissor Ban #2 began.
Check out the cut blind cords in this picture. How in the world do you fix that?

Who Knew that Peeing in a Cup Could Be So Fun?

Just the thought of producing a urine sample gives me a sense of dread seasoned with a dash of panic. First, there's the worry over having any urine at all, and then there's the worry of getting enough inside the cup with a minimum on the outside. With all my historical baggage surrounding what I thought to be a universally horrifying experience, imagine my surprise when I discovered that for some, this experience is not only non-horrifying, nay, but enjoyable, mayhaps even delightful and fun.

Asher had his pre-Kindergarten exam today. The nurse handed me the dreaded little cup and asked for a urine sample. Asher, Ryder, and I headed to the bathroom. I quickly explained to Asher what he needed to do. He looked at the cup and hesitated, then started looking worried.

"What's wrong honey,"I asked.

I braced myself. I was certain he would tell me he didn't have to go, or worried he would miss and pee on my hand.

Finally he blurted out, "But what if I overflow it!…

Maybe You Should Put Some Gauze On It

Here's a picture of Reni's latest biking debacle. Who knew that you could get road rash from a dirt road?

I should have seen this coming

They asked if they could just walk in the mud...for a minute. "Pleeeeze Mommy?!?," They begged.

How could I say no?
When I came back to check on them, they were in it up to their knees.
The next check, they were stripped to their underwear half covered with mud. The last time, they were buck naked, rolling around like two happy pigs.All this was followed by me chasing them around the front yard. With a hose. In the middle of the day for all to see. And yes they were still naked.

Perfect Brownie

I did it. I finally did it. I created the perfect brownie yesterday. I have the recipe. I can make them again. And again. And Again. I can make them whenever I want.

They're rich, oh so rich.
They're moist.
They're fudgey.
They're dense, not cakey!
They're intensely and intriguingly chocolatey.
They're compact and don't fall apart when I cut them.
They're beautiful to look at.

I would post a picture, but my youngest just ate the last one.

I've been making and remaking different brownie recipes for over twenty years trying to come up with the perfect brownie. I've dreamed of the perfect brownie. I almost gave up hope a year ago, and swore I'd never make another brownie again. But the allure of the quest was just too strong, so I continued.

How do I know I have the perfect brownie? With every other recipe I've made, there was always something I wished was different (e.g., richer, not so rich, more fudgey, less dense, more moist, etc.), b…